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Amazon Fire TV, Worth Getting Excited About

Amazon Fire TV, Worth Getting Excited AboutRecently the Amazon Fire TV Smart Media Player was released into an already crowded market.  In many ways it is just like Roku and Apple TV though Amazon threw in a few extras to make it a better investment.  Like most of the market, the Amazon Fire TV is priced at $99.


How Amazon Fire TV is Different

Amazon upped the game when it comes to whats in the media player.  Specs such as a quad-core processor doubles the competition making for faster loading, smoother videos and even decent gaming.  The memory was also quadrupled to 2 GB for similar reasons.

Amazon Fire TV, Worth Getting Excited AboutAmazon Fire TV is impressive beyond the hardware however.  New features include voice search using the remote.  Anyone that has tried to “type” with a smart media player knows it is a pain!  Being able to say the name of your favorite show instead of typing it in a search box will save lots of time.

Anyone that uses the Amazon tablet line will also enjoy new mirroring capabilities.  Similar to Apple TV and iPad, users with both Amazon products can easily switch shows between the tablet and TV.

How Amazon Fire TV Is The Same As Everyone Else

Amazon did plenty of things to separate it from the competition.  However it also took steps to make sure it offered the same great features as the heavy weights Roku and Apple.  Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, Pandora, iHeart Radio and all of the typical smart media channels are available.  Of course, if you are an Apple iTunes user, it does not have these channels available.  Similar to how Apple TV does not have Amazon Prime or your Amazon cloud movies available.

Simply put, Amazon Fire TV became a major media player contender over night.  If you are in the market for a new smart media player, the Fire is worth taking a serious look at!


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