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Cobra Tag – Never Lose Your Keys Again!

Cobra Tag is one of those technologies that was created to solve a very common problem, lost stuff.  Be it your car keys, computer bag, or even your cell phone.  In my experience at The High-Tech Home, lost things always happen at the worst time.  Just before you leave for work or when you are already in a rush is when it usually happens for me.  Not to mention the stress!

Well, Cobra Tag is the solution we have been waiting for!  The tag can be attached to your keys, computer bag or anything else that might get lost.

How does Cobra Tag work?

Cobra tag is designed to work with its free app for Android, Apple or Blackberry.  It uses 2-way blue tooth communication between your phone or tablet and the tag.  This allows you to beep the tag from your phone or beep your phone from you keys!  Plus, as an extra measure the tag and phone will let you know when they are out of range from each other.  This prevents accidentally leaving your phone on the table at the restaurant or on your desk at work.

Why we love it!

We love the Cobra Tag because it solves a very real problem.  Keys get lost in the couch, phones get left at the restaurant and computer bags get left at the terminal.

Plus, it is easy to use.  Stop by our Affiliate and check them out.  It is a great gift idea!

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