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Conductive Paint Kits – Paint Circuits!

Bare Paint Conductive Paint Kits

Conductive Paint Kits – Paint Circuits!

When it comes to cool art projects for the family, the conductive paint kits take it to a whole new level.  The kits not only come with paint that conducts electricity, it also comes with electrical items like LED’s, resistors, transistors, and batteries.



If you are like me, it sounds like a fun idea but you have no idea what to do once you open the box.  The great news is that each of the kits comes with templates and instructions to ensure success and help people like myself.  Each of the kits does something different including a house that lights up when it is dark.

At the end of the project, not only do you have something that was fun to Bare Paint Conductive Paint Kitsmake, it is also functional and even looks pretty cool.  Unless, of course, I am the artist.

Stop by to learn more about the Bare Paint Conductive Paint Kits!  We love them because the kits help kids learn about electricity in a fun way and we are sure you will too!


The Facts…

  • Electrically conductive paint for painting circuits onto things.
  • Yeah, you read that right: the paint becomes part of the circuit.
  • Water based, nontoxic, and dries at room temperature.eb92_bare_paint_conductive_paint_pot
  • Perfect for painting onto any surface (except skin).
  • Repeat: Not for use on skin.
  • Washes off with water – for easy clean up and correction.
  • Three Choices!
    • Card Kit
      • Make three greeting cards with light up features.
      • Includes: 1 Bare Paint Pen (10ml), 3 Cards (2 robot templates + 1 blank), 3 Red Flashing LEDs, 1 Rainbow LED, and 3 3V Coin Cell Batteries.
    • House Kit
      • Make two houses that light up as it gets dark out.
      • Includes: 1 Bare Paint Pen (10ml), 2 100KΩ Resistors, 2 9V Batteries, 2 Light Dependent Resistors, 4 Blue LEDs, 2 Transistors, and 2 Battery Clips.
    • 50ml pot
          • Includes an instruction/tip booklet on the top of the jar.
          • Net Wt.: 50ml



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