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Dropcam HD WiFi Camera

Dropcam HD WiFi Camera Review


Dropcam HD WiFi Camera

The Dropcam HD WiFi Camera is one of the most versatile cameras on the market.  Whether it is used as a baby monitor, video camera or security camera, users are sure to like it ease of use, set-up and 720p HD quality video.

Dropcam HD WiFi Camera ReviewPerhaps its greatest feature is its WiFi capability.  With WiFi, the set-up takes only minutes and eliminates the need for wires or expensive video monitoring equipment.  Simply plug it in and connect it to the network.  Set-up will require a computer for the Dropcam to find its proper WiFi signal and allow access to your network.  Luckily, this is a very simple set-up and will only require a few minutes of your time.  In fact, Dropcam claims you can do the set-up in sixty seconds.  Figure ten minutes for your first set-up though to be safe.

Once the Dropcam WiFi Camera is set-up, there are video monitoring apps available for the Android, Apple, and Kindle Fire markets.  The apps allow you to easily see what is happening on your phone or tablet.  Be it from anywhere in the world, or just a  different floor from the baby.

Dropcam HD WiFi Camera ReviewThe camera offers some additional camera capabilities that you do not typically find on cameras in this price range.

Night Vision – When the light goes down, the internal infrared LEDs light up. And when the light returns, night vision simply turns itself off.

Two Way Radio – Dropcam has both a microphone and a speaker inside it, making it easier to stay in touch without a computer or phone.  This will not replace the phone but it is a nice feature

Digital Zoom – Allows you to capture every important detail from your video. Just click on the section important to you and Dropcam will instantly change its view.

Dropcam HD WiFi Camera ReviewThe Dropcam HD WiFi Camera offers a new level of flexibility and easy set-up for anyone looking to add a camera for their own purpose.  The HD quality video combined with its other great features make it a great idea for anyone looking to set-up a camera for fun or security. Check it out at to learn more and purchase one today!



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