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Smartwatch from I'm, an industry leader!

When you think about it, the smartwatch is the first serious enhancement to an important tool that many of us wear every day.  Whether it be for the actual clock or just for looks, watches have continued to serve one function for more then 150 years.  Telling time.

Smartwatch from I'm, an industry leader!The I’m Smartwatch changed this forever though when it was released in 2012. And I’m is once again leading the charge for the smartwatch with its newest release introduced this week at CES in Las Vegas.

If you are wondering what the I’m Smartwatch is, this is a great opportunity to learn more about an awesome gadget and what it can do.  The I’m Smartwatch works with your smartphone to keep information and phone calls at your wrist.  With apps designed especially for I’m, users are able to do things like answer phone calls, check email, access calendars and even read Twitter or Facebook.  All great features within easy reach on your wrist!  One of our favorites though was the built in speaker phone.  This great feature helped us avoid the panicked fumbling through our pockets while driving down the road with the phone ringing.  Instead, the I’m Smartwatch offers one touch answer through the bluetooth connection and a crystal clear speaker phone at your wrist!

For anyone looking to maintain or achieve a healthier lifestyle, I’m offers several features that are certain to interest you as well.  With bluetooth technology and built in sensors, owners are able to link the smartwatch to tools such as heart-rate monitors and pedometers.  Plus it even offers calorie-counting features with its available apps!  An excellent, all in one tool, for exercising!

If finding your favorite music is important, I’music is certain to please as well.  In addition to offering six million songs (and growing), it also offers an unlimited amount of music.  That means that you no longer have to choose

Smartwatch from I'm, an industry leader!

and pay for individual songs because the entire library is available with I’music.  Perfect for people that are always looking for the latest and most popular releases.

The great news is that the I’m Watch looks great and works even better. Of course it was designed with style in mind which means it looks awesome while you are wearing it.  Features such as curved glass, an HD touch screen, and well designed watch bands are certain to catch the attention of your friends.  Plus, the I’m Smartwatch works well with both Android and iOS devices so everyone can use it seamlessly with their smartphone of choice.

Be sure to check out the I’m Watch at their website as well to learn more about all of the great features it offers.  Let us know your thoughts about the new smartwatch as well.  We always appreciate your comments on the great gadgets we review!


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