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Kid Safe Browser for iPad and iPhone

Kid safe browser by Mobiclip

Kid Safe Browser

When it comes to keeping our kids safe, finding a kid safe web browser is often at the top of the list for parents.  This offers the best of both worlds by being able to use the internet and its resources while limiting the concerns of the internet.

For a Kid Safe Browser, we have found two that work for both the iPad and iPhone.  Both work well and will depend on your preferences as a user.

The Mobicip Safe Browser caught our attention at first because of how it filters what can be seen by kids.  The browser uses a combination of lists and filters to keep the blocked sites accurate. This means that there are two ways your kids are protected.  Other features that caught our attention included;

–  Age Based Filtering using a k-12 filter
–  YouTube Filter (enough said)
–  Encrypted Data, useful for wi-fi hotspots or other public areas
–  Add blocked sites by users
–  View activity by individual users

The Mobicip app was designed to be a well thought out kid safe browser.  The features it offers, as well as continuous updates, keeps your family safe.  There is a small yearly fee of $10 though it is likely worth the cost to keep your kids protected.  Check it out on iTunes with our affiliate link below!

Kid Safe Browser - Purple Soc CoopA second browser to consider is Browser for Kids by Purple Soc Coop (iTunes Link Below).  There is a “lite” version for free as well as a paid version which costs $.99.  A small price, especially when considering there are no yearly fees.

What makes this app different from Mobicip is that the filters are driven more by the parents.  Parents can add sites to the list of available apps for kids.  Once it is on the list, kids can pick from the pre-approved list.  This means that parents are in complete control of what kids see however it also means that parents will need to set up sites one at a time.  It does come with a few sites pre-approved though to get started.  The good news is that set-up is simple to do.

Kid Safe Browser - Purple Soc CoopOne additional feature we loved with this app was setting internet time limits.  Parents can set the amount of time kids can spend on the internet.  Once the time is up, the browser locks and requires a password to be entered by the parents.  Without the password, the device will unlock the next day and begin the countdown once again.  A great tool for parents!

Either kid safe browser will offer protection for your family while still being able to leverage what the internet has to offer.  Be sure to take a look at both of them to decide which is the best for you.  We are certain that one will fit your needs without much cost and plenty of piece of mind.  One note to keep in mind is that these replace Safari as your browser. This means that you would need to deactivate Safari in settings for the kid safe browser to be used.



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