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Kids Tablets – Hottest Tablets for Christmas 2012

Kids Tablets - Hottest Tablets for Christmas 2012


Written by Guest Blogger:
Julie Standish, Owner of CompuChild Services of America

 Kids Tablets

As the 2012 holiday season approaches, many of us are looking to purchase a tablet for our child.  Tablet technology has really advanced in the last year, especially when looking at tablets specifically designed for kids.  While older kids will almost certainly enjoy a “real” tablet like the iPad2 or a Kindle Fire, there are several great options for younger children.  We will be giving you details about several different kids tablets options, each designed with young kids in mind.

Specifically, we will be looking at:

Kids Tablets LeapPad 2 by LeapFrog

LeapPad 2 by LeapFrog



LeapPad2 by LeapFrog





Kids Tablets InnoTab 2 by VTech

Kids Tablets InnoTab 2 by VTech



InnoTab2 by VTech






Kids Tablets Nabi 2 by Fuhu

Nabi 2 by FHA



Nabi2 by Fuhu





Each tablet has pros and cans. What is right for my family might not be right for you and your family. We encourage you to conduct your research to help determine what is the right choice for you.

Our research will help you learn about each product in more detail to be able to compare each tablet with your needs. Factors to consider include:

Design What is the screen size? How heavy is the unit? What about batteries and adapters? Does the tablet come with a stylus?

Tech Specs How much memory to store files? How fast is the processor? What is the quality of the camera? What are the audio and video formats? Does the tablet have Wifi?

Content What content (apps, eBooks, games, music) comes preloaded on the tablet? Is it quality content? Is the content available for the tablet designed for younger children, older children and/or adults? How do I get additional content? How large is the app store (meaning how much content is available for purchase)? What is the cost for additional content?

Special Features Are there parental controls? What accessories are available? Does the tablet have a motion sensor? Is there a way to back up content? Are there any unique apps only available on one specific tablet?

We have looked at all the top children’s tablets designed for younger kids. Be sure to visit the links below to learn more about these great kids tablets!

LeapPad2 by LeapFrog

InnoTab2 by VTech

Nabi2 by Fuhu

Be sure to also visit to learn more about these great kids tablets and purchase!



Nabi2 (through Best Buy)

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Julie Standish is the owner of CompuChild Services of America, the nation’s leader in technology education for young children.  Julie and her team of franchise owners are dedicated to preparing young children for the academic challenges of tomorrow through technology education today.  She also keeps very busy with her three young test subjects, I mean, children.

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