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Must Have Gadgets for 2013

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Must Have Gadgets for 2013

2013 is certain to be a year full of great new gadgets as well as updates to the gadgets we already love.  We will keep this area updated with gadgets that we think make the list of Must Have Gadgets for 2013.



What is Chromebook by Google?Google Chromebook is still in the early stages of popularity however we believe it will only continue to grow in 2013.  2012 offered some important enhancements that have made its version of cloud computing a very exciting reality.  Check out our post What is Google Chromebook to learn more about what it is all about. offers a great lineup of Chromebook computers for you to consider including the Samsung lineup.  


Roku 3

Roku 3 was released in March of 2013 with some great new advancements to the Roku family.  New features include a remote with a headphone jack for quiet times and  impressive new speeds with the processor.  A worthwhile investment for anyone new to the media player market or looking for a great upgrade.  Read out original post about the Roku 3 here!  You can also check it out at!



Kindle Paperwhite

The Kindle Paperwhite is an exciting addition to Amazon’s e-reader family.  Its size is nearly the same as the Kindle though it features their patented front light for reading in the dark.  It also offers 25% more contrast for reading in any light.  Stop by to purchase the Kindle Paperwhite today!



OtterBox cases


Our next recommendation is for an entire brand!  OtterBox is absolutely the best choice to protect your tablet, phone or phablet from the realities of every day life.  They offer several different product lines so that you are able to find the best coverage for your lifestyle.  Be it a simple yet sturdy silicone case or the amazing (nearly indestructible) Armor case, you are certain to find the perfect case for you.  Learn more about this great company in our article!

Nest 2.0 Thermostat


The Nest Thermostat 2 is one of our absolute favorite gadgets.  It looks great, saves money, and even connects to your cell phone when you are on-the-go.  See our post here!  We also have a post reviewing the difference from Nest 2.0 and 1.0 here!  Check out the Nest Thermostat 2.0 on!



Sifteo Cubes - A Must Have Gadget for 2013Sifteo Cubes are one of those tech gadgets that were developed in the past couple of years that brings technology to life in an unexpected and new way.   It is the second generation that really caught our attention though because of the amazing level of interactivity with itself and you.

The cubes themselves are a combination of vivid displays, touchscreen capabilities and motions sensors all built into one little unit.  When brought together with some of the great apps Sifteo has developed, it is a must have gadget for the entire family.  Learn more about the Sifteo Cubes in our post or purchase them at!


Lytro CameraThe Lytro Camera is probably the biggest things to happen to cameras since the introduction of the original digital camera.  What makes it so unique and special is its ability to capture the light field.  Be sure to read our post on the Lytro to learn more about this great gadget and its amazing capabilities!  Stop by our links to as well for the 16 GB in Hot Red, the 8 GB in Graphite, and Electric Blue!


GolfBuddy GPS Range Finder

Having an understanding of the golf course is certain to lower your score.  The inevitable question of “How far to the green” is only the start of what this great gadget can handle.  Want to know how long your last shot was?  No problem.  Want to know the layout of the green from your vantage point?  Again, not a problem.  Do not let the simple screen design fool you.  The GolfBuddy Voice is a Golf Course GPS genius!  Stop by our GolfBuddy GPS Range Finder post to learn more and check it out at!


Roku StickThe Roku Stick is the latest addition to the Roku lineup.  Designed to work the same as the other Roku boxes in the family, only in a much smaller package that plugs into the side of your TV.  They announced at CES this year that several more manufacturers have signed on to make the Roku Stick work with their TV’s.  Just make sure your TV works with the Roku stick before purchasing one.  Stop by out post and check it out at!


Trakdot Luggage Tracker Review from The High-Tech Home!

The Trakdot Luggage Tracker was designed to track your luggage when traveling.  With an app that tells you when you are close to your luggage and the ability to track your luggage anywhere in the world via a computer, it truly does save its owners stress!  Check out the Trakdot Luggage tracker in our post and check out Trakdot’s webpage to learn more. Unfortunately, it will not be available until April, 2013 but you can   preorder it if you would like to be at the front of the line!




The Fitbit One is a Must Have Gadget for 2013 because of its goal to help its users be more healthy and the way it achieves this goal.  It is designed to be incredibly user-friendly with features such as automatic wi-fi uploads to your computer and apps that work with your smartphone and Fitbit account.  We really do believe the Fitbit one can motivate you to live a healthier and more active lifestyle.  Consider it your workout companion!  You can learn more about the Fitbit One with our post and purchase the Fitbit One as well.


A1oRAS-1KDL._SL1500__1An outdoor movie screen is one of our favorite finds this year because it adds another opportunity for doing things outside.  Easy to build, use and store, it even includes a carrying case to safely put it away after each use.  If you happen to need a movie projector, check out the next gadget below too!  The perfect package to start your own outdoor movie theater!  Learn more about the outdoor movie screen in our post or buy it at!



Movie projectors have always seemed out of reach for the common home because of costs and complicated set-up.  3M changed this however with their streaming projector powered by Roku.  The projector is able to produce a ten foot wide picture, perfect for the outdoor movie screen.  The projector even includes a battery so that you are not restricted by cords. The Roku stick is included with the projector and offers all of the same features as their media player.  Learn more about this great projector with our article and check it out at!

Sensu Brush and Stylus



We are as surprised as you are that the Sensu Brush and Stylus made our list but it really is an awesome tool for digital art of as a stylus.  Check out the highly rated Brush and Stylus with our post and at



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