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Nest 2.0 Thermostat – Differences from 1.0

Nest 2.0 Thermostat - Differences from 1.0


The Nest 2.0 Thermostat was recently released to update their (already) state-of-the-art thermostat.  The recent release includes even more exciting changes that allow it to be used in more homes and with even more features.  If you are looking for the key differences between the Nest Thermostat 2.0 and 1.0, we have compiled a list for you.

If you have not seen the Nest Thermostat before, take a look at this video to help explain how it works.  It may also help to stop by our original post on the Nest Thermostat here.

Nest 2.0 Thermostat

The Nest 2.0 Thermostat Updates

Nest 2.0 Thermostat - Differences from 1.0-  The Nest Thermostat is now 20% thinner then its predecessor allowing for a more natural look when install in your home.

–  The previous version of Nest only had eight connections however the new one offers ten.  The two extra connections will help the Nest to work with 95% of low voltage systems in the US and Canada.  Up from 75% for the original Nest.

Software Version 3.0

In addition to the release of a newly designed thermostat, Nest also released version 3.0 of the software.  The software update is available for both Nest Thermostat models.

Software updates include;

Nest 2.0 Thermostat - Differences from 1.0-  The auto-away feature has been updated so that it will turn down the thermostat after 30 minutes rather than 2 hours.  Not to worry though because it does so with a more advanced statistical analysis of the owners behaviors and patterns.

–  Nest 3.0 software also offers an improved auto-scheduling program that can work in homes that have both heating and cooling. The previous version only worked with one or the other at a time.

–  The new software also offers System Match.  It was designed for adapting to a users’ home, even when using unconventional heating systems.  The Nest thermostat is able to learn how long it takes to warm your house and then plan accordingly for a set time.  Perfect for heating your home before it is time to get up.

Nest 2.0 Thermostat - Differences from 1.0-  The Nest Thermostat continues to work with iPhone, iPad, and Android smartphones though they have also added a new ability to work with Android Tablets including the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire.

–  Finally, Nest added additional language capabilities including French and Spanish.


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