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Retro Tablet Case – 8-Bit Envelope

Retro Tablet Sleeve - 8 Bit Envelope

Retro Tablet Case – 8-Bit Envelope

For those of us that remember the 8-bit envelope graphic, this is a retro tablet case that is certain to be a favorite.  Its great retro look also provides the important protection your tablet needs from drops and bumps.


The dimensions of the case are based on an iPad. If you are curious, the dimensions would be around 9.56 in (243 mm) (h), 7.47 in (190 mm) (w) and0.50 in (13 mm) (d).  Keep in mind it is not only for the iPad but it will not fit all tablets either.  A quick measure of your tablet will confirm.

8-Bit Tablet Sleeve specs:

  • Looks like an 8-Bit envelop icon, but it holds your super high-tech iPad!
  • Made from premium synthetic leather with a matte finish and super soft interior.
  • Sized for an iPad, but theoretically could hold smaller tablets as well.
  • Secures closed with a hook-and-loop strip.
  • Dimensions: slightly bigger than your iPad.

This is a great sleeve for your tablet that is certain to stand out in a crowd.  If you have fond memories of the original 8 bit envelope or just like the retro look, be sure to stop by ThinkGeek to learn more about the 8-Bit Tablet Sleeve!

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