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Roku Stick Review

Roku Stick Review


We decided it was time to do a Roku Stick Review.  Not so much to review that it is a good product (it is) or that it works (it does) but what you need to know about a revolutionary new product.

The Roku 3400R Streaming Stick works similar to a Roku Box, obviously just in the form of a stick that plugs into the side of your TV.  One key part to mention is that you need a “Roku Ready” TV or other device in order to use it.  One example that we love is from 3M and is a great wi-fi projector.  It is certain to please Roku watchers with a 10 foot projection screen!  See our release on this awesome product here!  We also found a list of “Roku Ready” TV’s that can be seen here.

Below is a great checklist to help you understand what the Streaming Stick offers.


The Roku Streaming Stick

All the power of a Roku streaming player
Connects to the MHL port of Roku Ready TVs and other devices
No separate power or video cables
Streams up to 1080p HD
Built-in wireless (dual-band, Wi-Fi b/g/n compatible)
Can be controlled by the remote that comes with a Roku Ready device
Game Remote with motion control
* Availability of 720p or 1080p HD video varies by entertainment channel.


Roku Stick ReviewFinal Thoughts on our Roku Stick Review

Simply put, we love it.  The biggest thing right now is for Roku to partner with more manufacturers to develop “Roku Ready” TV’s and devices.  Be sure to keep an eye out as we are certain more will be entering the market.  Who knows, yours might already qualify!  Check it out at today!




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