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Sensu Brush and Stylus for Tablets – The Search is Over

Digital Art - Sensu Brush and Stylus Sensu Brush and Stylus for Tablets

We have a confession to make when it comes to the Sensu Brush and Stylus.  We were not really looking to do a write-up on a stylus or a brush.


It seems lDigital Art - Sensu Brush and Stylus ike everyone makes one and they are always only “ok”.  They are good but not great and we struggled with attaching our name to anything that sits in this category.  In doing our never-ending research though, the Sensu Brush and Stylus kept popping up as the market leader.  Customer reviews like “The Holy Grail” and nine out of nine five-star reviews finally sent us looking for more info.  And now, we are writing a review on the Sensu Brush and Stylus combination.  I understand why our readers would laugh, but then take a look at it because you are going to want one.

The Sensu Stylus and Brush is just what the name says.  The stylus works great on your touch screen device.  Accurate, easy to use, and professional looking all describe the stylus perfectly. If you are looking for a professional stylus, buy it because it is sure to please and last for many years to cover the higher price tag.  That is not where it stops though.

Digital Art - Sensu Brush and Stylus It is the artist brush that truly takes it to the next level.  Before seeing this brush, we did not even know it was possible to “paint” on a tablet and achieve such a professional look.  Whether it is just for fun or for digital art, the brush can handle either easily.  Of course, the brush is optimized for digital painting and should not be used with any “wet media”, aka paint.


Digital Art - Sensu Brush and Stylus Here is what Sensu says about their great product;

  • Sensu uses patent pending technology to allow you use as an artist brush on your iPad (or other capacitive device). Draw, paint, navigate. That is all it does, and it does great.
  • Sensu is two very useful tools in one. A brush and a stylus for capacitive devices like the iPad and iPhone.
  • This stylus is great for sketching and writing or as a general navigation tool.
  • Grasp Sensu near the nib section and pull it out of the protective cap. You will reveal the capacitive bristles of the artist brush. Insert the rubber stylus into the cap and the cap becomes a handle for your brush.

Want to learn more?  Stop by to see the Sensu Brush and Stylus to scoop one up today.


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