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Slingbox 500, Your TV Anywhere


Slingbox 500, Your TV Anywhere

How many times has there been a big game to watch only to realize you had to be someplace without a TV.  If you’re not a sports fan, think about the season finale of “Downton Abbey”, “How I Met Your Mother” or the show you do not want to miss.  Certainly not an ideal situation!  Luckily we have found the Slingbox 500 and a solution to an age-old problem.


The Slingbox 500 is designed to live stream your TV, DVR, Cable or Satellite Box like you are sitting at home.  Once you are live streaming, you can watch TV  on your favorite device including a smartphone, tablet, computer or even another TV with the help of a Roku or Apple TV.  All while keeping a 1080p quality picture!

Slingbox 500, Your TV AnywhereIs the Slingbox 500 for me?

What makes the Slingbox 500 unique from previous versions is its wireless (wi-fi) connectivity.  No longer are you required to connect a Slingbox directly to a router to make it work.  This is a big improvement for readers that do not have their TV and router close together for a wired connection.  If you do have a TV setup close to your router, consider the Slingbox 350.  Most of the same great features for less money!

Slingbox for the Traveler

If you happen to travel regularly for business or pleasure, the Slingbox 500 is perfect for you as well.  Not only can you access your DVR’s recorded shows, you can also access local TV.  Watch local news and sports as well as the premium channels you pay for at home.

Slingbox 500, Your TV Anywhere

We Love it!

It has taken us some time to understand what makes the Slingbox 500 awesome. What we realized is that having access to your home TV is great when traveling or just out and want to see the game.  A great enhancement for watching TV without it running your schedule.  Be sure to check out the Slingbox 500 or Slingbox 350 at to learn more!


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