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USB Chargers From RCA!

USB chargers are becoming far more important as electronics commonly use USB cords.  RCA has released two great USB chargers that are reasonably priced and do a great job.

The first is a plug that allows for two USB devices to charge at once.  One of the USB plugs is a “standard” port for cell phone devices including iPhone, Blackberry, and Android devices.  The second port is a 2.1 amp connection for tablets such as Kindle Fire, iPad and Android Tablets.  It is designed with a cover as well for easier traveling.  Check it out at!  Not too bad for around $11!


RCA also offers a USB charger and nightlight combination.  This is great for homes looking to fill two needs with only one socket!  The USB charger is a standard 1.0 amp that RCA says will work with tablets, smart phones, and other electronics.  The nightlight/USB charger is also priced right for around $11!  Click here to see it at!

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