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Weather Radio App – Family Weather Safety

Weather Radio for Apple and Android

The Weather Radio App has officially replaced the old-fashioned weather radios that many families used to own.  If you grew up with a weather radio, you already understand how important this is.  However, if you are like me and did not, it took me becoming a parent to realize the peace of mind it provides. Knowing about dangerous weather, before it strikes, is important for every family’s safety.

Our Real-Life Testing

Our family has used the iMap Weather Radio for about one year now.  We have put it to the test in all normal circumstances including over night storms, long family trips, and normal day-to-day tracking.  It has met our needs in every test, and often times exceeded the expectations we had set.  I can honestly say that our family feels safer because we own it.


The reason this app is among our favorites is because of the features it offers.  They include;

More Precise Alerts – Alerts have become far more precise in recent years.  The old days of issuing alerts to entire counties have passed.  This iMap Weather Radio app also offers the more precise weather alerts.  Why does this matter?  Less alerts at 2 am for weather that does not impact you.

Follow Me – This is iMap’s name for how it tracks you when moving.  If you are driving into an area with a new alert for example, it will tell you.  No need to set the new location.

Select Your Warnings – iMap offers the ability to pick which weather alerts you would like alerts for.  For example, I turned off the winter storm “watch” alert because we have so many at times and the weather has not actually impacted us yet.

Great Radar – In our opinion, this is the best radar on the market.  The map is clear, precise, up-to-date, and quick to load.  We use this radar over any other source including local news apps and the big weather stations.

For Apple and Android – Apple (see below) and Android both have the iMap Weather Radio App available for download.

Want to Purchase the iMap Weather Radio App?

The iMap App is available for download in both the Android and iTunes market for $9.99.  At first glance this seems a bit steep but just consider the features… and that you do not have to buy the ugly plastic weather radio.  That made me feel much better before we even made the purchase.

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