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Withings Pulse Activity Tracker, For Heath and Fitness

Withings Pulse Activity Tracker

Wearable technology for your health continues to expand and improve.  The trick is finding the right option for you that is easy to use and offers tons of features.  With that in mind, we have come to appreciate the Withings Pulse Activity Tracker and its tons of great features.

The Withings Pulse Activity Tracker is designed to be with you anytime.  During a run, at the office, or while you sleep, the tracker monitors important metrics just for you.  And your metrics can be shared wirelessly with your Bluetooth enabled device to see results in easy to understand graphs.

Features that set the Withings Pulse Activity Tracker apart

Withings Pulse Activity TrackerIt’s Really Smart – Take the elevator or the escalator and it knows keeping calorie counts and steps taken accurate.

Heart Rate Monitor – The heart rate monitor is unique already though its quick reading and easy accessibility make it a big step above the competition.

Runners Appreciate It – It knows when you take a run and measures your duration and distance for easy tracking and history.

A Good Nights Rest – Sleep well last night? Keep an eye on your stats and look for trends to consider.

Not a Fashion Statement – Stick it in your pocket when it makes sense, use a clip when it does not.  Perfect for runners without pockets and for work when you prefer not to advertise.

Whats measured? 

  • Steps taken
  • Elevation climbed actively (no elevators or escalators)
  • Distance traveled
  • Calories burned
  • Last run: duration and distance
  • Instant heart rate
  • Sleep duration and quality

Withings Pulse Activity TrackerThe Withings Pulse Activity Tracker is one of our new favorites when it comes to wearable technology for measuring your activities.  A great gadget, coupled with more great apps, make it a great purchase.  Be sure to check it out and learn more!

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